We deliver profitable, precision engineering everyday

Our experience and knowledge helps you get vital component quality right first time.

We know the web. And we know maths!

Tolcap is the combined output of two UK businesses based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK; CapraTechnology (with top level engineering know-how) and Codebase Consulting (who designed and maintain the web app).

Together we have years of business, academic and industrial experience boosted by plenty of innovative spirit.

Our vision is for worldwide instant availability of reliable tolerance capability data for every product design requirement.

In bringing Tolcap to the fingertips of product designers, manufacturers, engineering professionals and design consultants, we're helping to...

  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Improve product quality
  • and Avoid waste

...in potentially millions of product developments.

Opening the door to increased margins and lower priced products makes our clients and their customers very happy.

All of which gives us a real buzz!

Learn more about Tolcap's origins and data sources in our Provenance of Tolcap blog.