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10 Really Good Business Reasons to use Tolcap

15th June 2018

Less scrap and rework, improved customer satisfaction, process optimization ... Martin Raines' top 10 reasons why using Tolcap makes sense for your Design / Engineering business.

Tolcap and Geometric Tolerances

20th February 2017

We are sometimes asked about geometric tolerances. While Tolcap gives sound estimates of process capability for straightforward tolerances, this is because we have extensive series production data for the maps we publish. We don’t have such data for geometric tolerances such as flatness, roundness, etc., so we won’t compromise the Tolcap data base by publishing maps for them...

Is your process not working, or not capable?

23rd May 2011

In the current economic climate no manufacturer can afford substantial waste product and the costs associated with it. However, many companies have to deal with scrap and re-work as a direct result of out of tolerance manufacture. In an ideal world, manufacturing engineers would have sufficient input in the early stages of the design process to minimise such quality losses. Here Martin Raines, a director of Tolcap, explains how manufacturing engineers can help mitigate the problem by applying the correct software tools...

How to predict machinability to reduce scrap, change and wastage

2nd March 2011

As a design engineer, one doesn’t always have all the necessary experience of manufacturing materials, processes and treatments to produce a design that will result in a product that requires minimal engineering change and will keep scrap and wastage to a minimum. One of the ways this can be achieved is to provide the designer with the expertise of a manufacturing or machining professional. Here, Martin Raines, of tolerance software provider Tolcap, suggest five ways that good communication and accurate tolerancing can be applied to accurately predict, and thus improve, machinability...

Why scrap and re-work are design issues

2nd February 2011

Design and manufacturing departments co-exist in relative harmony in modern manufacturing. Gone are the days when engineering created the design and manufacturing produced it and never the twain should meet. However, issues that do still divide the two include engineering change, scrap and re-work. Here, Ken Swift of tolerance software provider Tolcap argues that more attention paid to tolerances in the first instance would help businesses get it right first time more often...

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