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Our video guides will help get the best from Tolcap.

  • Why Use Tolcap?

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    What is the value of Tolcap to designers and their organisations?

    Tolcap enables you to predict the manufacturing process capability of the parts you design. Out of tolerance parts are a big problem, adding significant costs that eat away at the profitability of your product and swallowing scarce engineering resources. This video outlines why you need Tolcap.

  • Getting Started with Tolcap

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    Although Tolcap is fairly intuitive to use this video offers a little help to get you started. It guides you through the steps of a tolerance analysis and suggests the sort of questions you need to address to get an accurate process capability prediction.

  • How to use Tolcap - Need More Help

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    This video outlines an alternative capability curve based approach for tolerance analysis on Tolcap.

    Learn how to change the process capability to your own requirement, and how to find and specify the tolerance to meet your capability target.

  • Tolerance Stacks

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    In this video we take a look at why statistical tolerancing is invoked and examine the assumptions underlying statistical tolerance analysis. We show how Tolcap calculates capable tolerances for the parts in a "stack" and introduce a simple equation that you can use to correctly stack your assemblies component tolerances.

  • Tolcap Example

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    This video examines a simple engineering design tolerance analysis using Tolcap. It demonstrates an equation to calculate the tolerance of a stack. The example shows the sort of questions designers and manufacturers need to address during tolerance analysis to ensure the design will be sound and capable.

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