Ten Excellent Business Reasons to Use Tolcap

15th June 2018

From Dr Martin Raines - ten ways your business could benefit from Tolcap use:

10 Business Reasons to Use Tolcap
  1. Reduce time to market
    Avoid time consuming re-design caused by incorrect tolerancing.
  2. Reduce levels of scrap and re-work
    By allocating process capable tolerances at the design stage.
  3. Better informed design decisions
    Reducing the risk of delay necessary for re-design.
  4. Improve product quality
    Reduce the number of failures experienced by customers caused by incorrect tolerance allocation.
  5. Reduce cost
    All of the above lower the cost of product development and manufacture!
  6. Traceable design
    The Tolcap analysis can be saved for future engineers to assess “why did we allocate that tolerance?”
  7. Standard tolerance allocation method
    Ensures consistency in tolerance allocation and helps with the integration of new engineers into a business.
  8. Supplier liaison
    Discussions with suppliers on process capability can have a common basis.
  9. Assist in process selection
    Compare the process capability potential of alternative manufacturing processes.
  10. Protect the environment
    Reduce levels of scrap and re-work which use precious material and energy resources.

Written by:

Dr Martin Raines CEng, MIMechE

Dr Martin Raines CEng, MIMechE

Martin is a founding member of the Capra Technology team and specialises in software solutions for capable design and manufacture. Martin's expertise in quality and reliability engineering is called upon by an international client base including BAE and Rolls Royce.